Here’s my free non-commercial projects, including my first game I made in 2017. 

These have all been for learning purposes made in Godot. It’s the only engine that I’ve ever been able to complete projects with.

Cookie Switch

Made in the later part of 2019, Cookie Switch is a fresh take on puzzle games, getting away from the common match three style.

Instead you will need to separate all matching cookies to solve each puzzle! Available on Google Play.

Development time was about 5 weeks, if I’m remembering right.


Sir Hopsalot

Sir Hopsalot is a retro inspired endless runner designed for those who want a bit of an adventure during every day down time. 

This was my first completed game that I made back in 2017. Available on Google Play.

I made it in a couple of weeks and was ecstatic to have completed a game.


Survivafarm is an action packed farming survival game to:

Development time was a few weeks.

  1. Survive as long as you can
  2. Make them gold coins!
Originally intended to be a mobile title, it’s available on Windows from